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*Range users MUST have the relevant permits/licences OR
must be a member of the protective services of Trinidad & Tobago.

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The Four Cardinal Rules of Safe Gun Handling

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Firearm safety is extremely important to know and practice. In celebration of National Safety Month, Do you practice these 4 rules? For more tips on safety check out our website link, manual, or local gun range. 
  •  Always treat all firearms as if they were loaded.
  •  Never allow the muzzle of any firearm to point at anything you are not willing to destroy.
  • Never put your finger near the trigger until you are ready to fire. Do not depend on any mechanical device for safety!
  • Always be sure of your target, and what is behind and in front of it.

What's Different at SSTC


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The principal element in the design and construction of SSTC shooting range is shooting safety. From Bullet Traps, to Shooting Stalls, HVAC, Metal Fabrication, Target Retrieval Systems, Ceiling Guards and more, SSTC is your best choice for a quality Shooting Range.

Multifaceted space management engineering permits enough room for an instructor and student to shoot while keeping the focus downrange and maintaining the maximum safeguards. The innovative design of stalls maximizes the number of lanes an area can facilitate, while dimension design lends to better shooter orientation, comfort and protection.

We ensure our shooting range is built to the highest industry standards. Our  ranges have all been designed and tested to ensure ultimate shooter safety.


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SSTC Indoor range is professionally fitted with an air filtration system that works to remove airborne contaminants for the protection of the employees and participants using our range.

Exposure to lead and fumes from a firing range can present a potential health risk to shooters as well as employees.

Protecting the health and welfare of occupants in a firing range, while minimizing the environmental contamination from lead exposures, is an important element in the operational procedures for a proper firing range.

Filtration plays an integral role in reducing the risk of toxic exposure in door shooting facilities.

Unloading Stations

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Unloading Stations are designed to provide safe and easy unloading of service weapons catching ejected rounds and safely containing accidental discharges to the rated ballistic level.

The cone opening catches the round ejected from semi-automatic handguns. The wide opening of the cone allows the entire handgun to be placed in the unloading station so that the ejected round is caught and does not fall to the floor. If accidental discharge occurs the bullet will hit the cone and be stopped by the ballistic material.

The Unloading Stations are designed to safely contain accidental discharges of service weapons and rounds up to the level described in NIJ Standard 0101.06 Level IIIA or Level III.

SSTC Shooting Range Hours of Operation

Monday : Friday - 8AM - 4PM
Saturdays: 8AM - 1PM
Sunday: Closed